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If you are wondering about which vegetables are easy to grow then I have some simple solutions for you. Most of us think that growing plant indoor is not a easy task but it also not so much difficult if you give it a try.

Growing plant is not a rocket science but there are few tricks or tips to follow to get veggies and also for keeping your plant healthy. Today I like to share few easy growing plans that you can plan indoor or even in garden without having extra issues.

Salad leaves

Salad leaves is one of them. Who don’t like to have fresh and crunchy salad. Its also easy to grow them with giving so much extra time. You can plant different kind of salad plans at once. It will grow in 3 weeks. You can harvest it again on the plot again after cutting it again.


Its also a easy growing plant. You can plant it in your garden and also in home. Its really fun to grow potatoes. During late February and March, you should plant it. Then you will get the veggies after 10 to 20 weeks later.

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