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Google adsense is a dream of every publisher who wan t to run adsense business. Google adsense is the most trust-able and highest paying paying network all over the world. None of other network partner will pay you as much as google. Its the industry leader. There are thousands of satisfied customers and publishers who trust google without thinking a single things.

As you know the effective ways of google, you must also know that its not easy to get approved by google. As a new applicant of 2018, you must need to work hard and make sure everything okay on your website.

If you have all the things perfect for adsense but google still not approving you then you must missing out something. And that point is disapproving it but you don’t even have a single clue about it.

Unacceptable site content

Unacceptable site content is the main of them, You might know that your site will not get approved if its don’t have Insufficient content but you don’t know that it can also disapprove if your website don’t have acceptable content. Now you are thinking, what is that acceptable site content. It a  content which is poorly written and has lot of grammatical mistakes.

Always keep in mind that, Google specialists not only check out enough content but also look for well written and grammatically correct. Its a very important fact and also mostly unknown fact also. People only think that, their website needs tons of content but don’t think about the content value.

Design of your blog

Yeah, Design of your blog is really do matter. Only a webpage with logo, menu and content is not called a blog or even website. We need to present it on a proper way so that visitors of your blog feel comfort and get what they are looking for.

This design doesn’t mean that, you need to polish your website with fevicon, icon or anything other. you just need to organized it on a proper way.

About/Contact Us page, Privacy Policy and Terms Pages

This three are very important pages of your website that you must need to setup before applying for adsense approval. Without this you website will be auto rejected. Its a another very common mistake of publishers.

Google AdSense Policies

Most of the publishers don’t even know about Google AdSense Policies before applying for adsense. They thought that they know few things and that enough but its really not. Read each and every details before applying. You can also go on this link for reading it https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/48182?hl=en .


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