We all want to be happy in your life but not all of us lead a happy. This can be happen even if you have lots of money, friends and family. The reason behind this is psychological. This psychological habits make to much more lonely person then ever.

Today i like to share main 3 reasons and how you can really deal with it.

The main problem is “No”. If you can’t say no to anyone and think that you should supposed to yes because its your duty to do that, the main problem begin just from there.

If you don’t like to do anything or in any other condition if you don’t like that then you should say no to that. You always don’t need to think about others. You are really not responsible to keep everybody happy.

You should also think about your own too. Always keep in mind that, if you can’t love yourself then nobody going to love you also.

Don’t look for any others approval, if you do so then you can’t be satisfy in your life. When you look for others approval then things become more complected in your life.

You will never feel confident or even happy if you do so. Stop taking others approval and do what you really wanted to do. Its your life and your decision.

Everything doesn’t happen in a smooth way in anyone’s life. You have to argue, complain, struggle, or stand up for your rights and also for those things that you really want to achieve in your life.

Don’t listen anyone other if you think that its not right for you or its just not the thing that you should do.