If you are a relationship and you are almost happy with your partner, it doesn’t mean that your partner loves you. Sometimes distance grow between you and your partner but you don’t notice them and also think that its normal. Today i like to share you those signs that tells that your partner don’t love you anymore.

Discussing your shortcomings with friends and family

As we all know that, we all are not perfect from every side. There are few things that we really can’t handle with. If your partner discuss your those side openly to his friends and family, it clearly means that he or she don’t care about your feelings and also don’t have any respect for you. This is also the very first sign that he don’t love you anymore.

If your partner can humiliate you to his close one’s and can laugh at your
failures than you should not expect a long term relationship with him or her. Always keep in mind that respect is very important and if you can’t respect anyone than you also can’t love that person.

Your partners attitude toward your emotions

Taking care of each others emotions is a very important part of any relationship. If your partner stop doing this than he or she has completely lost their interest in you.

He or she really doesn’t care about how you will going to feel? If your partner doesn’t stand on your side when you need him or most then I have nothing to saying. You should not expect anything from him or if this is happening to you.

Protection your from danger

If your partner loves you then he or she always will try to protect you from any danger. If you are going be late at night then if your partner call you or waited for you then he or she really loves you but if your partner don’t care about this then he or she don’t love you anymore.