When someone fall in love with someone or even start dating, they fell like they have the most perfect partner ever. But this is not a true fact for everyone. When you start a relationship, everything seems very perfect but when the days goes on, you can see the real face of your partner.

This blog will show you that toxic kind of partner that you should not keep any relation with them. If you have a long relationship with them, they will completely ruin your life.

Addicted one comes first on the list. You might don’t know about the real habits about your partner on the starting day but you can notice it after some time. If you notice that your partner is addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling then you should leave him or her.

Is not good for anyone to have a relationship with someone who is too addicted because their addiction don’t let them lead a better or perfect life and this think can ruin your life also.

Abusers on the next on line. You can notice this point very easily if you keep your eyes on every details of your partner. Your partner can be any kind of abusers like if he mention sometime like the photo about his ex then you can realize that his mind is so much conservative and he can’t love anyone.

You can think that it normal but its really not. If your partner can abuse other then he can do it you as well. So its not a good idea to being with him.

Then comes those people who don’t understand you or your feelings or even what you want. If your partner don’t love the way you want to live or your job then he or she is not perfect for you.

As your lifestyle or job is your choice and your partner is not willing to continue that, than how can you imagine a happy life with him or her.