Our body always gives us signals about future diseases but most of us just ignore it. There are few signal that our body give us about cancer that we should not ignore because if we take action on that time than we can prevent it very easily.


This is the very first sign that our body gives us about cancer. Neoplasms are mainly considered to be a sign of skin or breast cancer which are very common for women.

  • Hard knots in the breast and/or armpits or other part of body.
  • Irritation or rash of unknown origin which is not actually caused for food or cosmetic allergy.
  • A birthmark growth or shape change or color change.

Skin Itching

Its another sign. Skin itching is not actually consider as a cancer sign but sometimes its also cause that like if you have uterine neoplasm than you will face genital itching or if you have brain cancer you fell itching in the nostrils area.

Extreme Weight Loss

Its also a very important sign that you also not ignore. If you have loss more that 5 to 10 kg in less than a month without any diet than visit to your doctor now. You will feel premature satiation or Anemia.

Secretion When Urination

Its a very common sign of kidney cancer and you should notice it. Blood when urinating or pain in kidney is the main starting sign and the signs will increase day by day.