Every women think that man only notice the outer look any women but its not so a true fact. Men even notice those things that women don’t even think about. This blogs will show you top 4 things that men notice that you don’t even have a clue.

Every women think that men notice their dress and the body shape but its not the whole truth. Men even notice the dress color, they mostly like those women who use interesting dress color according to their skin tone. They also notice the dress shape properly goes with you or not.

Men mostly like those women who are pretty much interesting and not a shy one. Men usually don’t like to have relationship with those women who are too much shy or even not so much mature. Men attract to those who have very good sense of humor and live their live on their own way.

Men don’t like selfish women. They always look for those women who are friendly and loving because they think that, women who are selfish can’t be a good life partner.

Men don’t like those women who pretend to be perfect. Usually women order salad on their first date but men don’t like this. They want women to behave like normal and also eat normal things like other days.