Who don’t like to use free wi fi connecting but the question is it really safe? You can be a victim of web fraud for using this free wi fi. This free unknown wi fi hide numerous hazards and its also include the risk of losing all the funds in your bank account.

If you don’t want to a victim of web fraud and also want to keep your device safe the you should always remember this crucial things about using a free wi fi.

Never log in to any bank account or any other financial account using wi fi. You can be hacked any time by doing this. You also should not also log in to any social media account by using this.

Turn off your wi fi setting if you are not interested to use it. Most devices will automatically connect with free wi fi and hackers use this opportunity.

Before connecting to network, ask to the owner about the name of it and then use that because most of hackers use similar name’s like free wi fi.

Always use a good antivirus and make sure that you scan your device regularly.

Always use a secure connection. Don’t use any website who have red seal on the address bar.