True love is not only felt, it’s also visible to the naked eye. When you will be in love with someone, you will feel like the whole life becomes like a fairy tale to you.

This blog is for those people who are in love and wanted to more about love.

When two people are in love, they used to eat together or like to share their foods. This fact create a new bonding to them.

When both people are in love, they don’t keep any secrets. They even the password of their phones.

In a perfect love relationship, they like to share everything that is happening in their life and also take each other advice’s.

When a couple truly love each other, they feel proud on each other.

Whatever the condition is they opt for conversation and don’t like to keep silence on any matter.

When your partner will be madly in love with you, he will surprise you with his love notes and even by giving you gifts.