So you want to earn $$$ from your website using Google AdSense? Its a dream of every blogger or even of those people who have a website and want to make money with it.

When anyone of us think about running ads of website, we think about AdSense approval. As google leading the whole advertising market and all try to get the approval from them, the approval process is not so an easy process. Sometimes it takes years for getting the approval for some peoples. There are also some peoples who not get approval after trying for years.

There is a complete process for getting this approval and google have shared each and every details of that. They also have clearly describe about what you need for getting approval and also their policies for that. If you like to get approval by them then you must need to follow this rules.

So you might be thinking about those other people who don’t get the approval. You are thinking that they actually don’t know about this rules. Then let me tell you that most of them also knows everything but they still don’t get the approval. The reason behind is the complete approval process is up to google team and they take only best websites according to their rules.

So how you will the best? – This is your questions right now. Read the given below tricks for getting the approval.

Design of your blog

The first think that i like to mention about is the design of your website or blog. Its very important to have a proper design or layout of it. You might have read that the deign or layout is not the matter but its a complete wrong thought. Designs do matter. If you are running a blog on wordpress the i will suggest you to use a better theme which will give your website a proper look. If you are using other platforms then create a layout that will show very details of the website properly.

High quality content

Now a days AdSense don’t approve every kind of website. The quality of content do matter. Your website should have very high quality, error free and also plagiarism checked content. Your blogs or content don’t need to be written in a native English form but the topic should be useful for people and people should understand the whole topic by reading your blogs or content. You should at last have 50 blogs on your website before submitting your website.

Google like to approve those websites which are helpful to people. Blogs on recent technology, earning, career, adsense or something this relevant are highly appreciated by them. If you have any website on this topic then your chance is to get the approval is 80% more then others.


SEO is the very basic thing that you need to getting approval. Sometimes people follow every rule and also write good quality article but still don’t get the approval. The reason behind this the SEO fact. For doing the this you don’t have to be a pro of that. There are very basic things of SEO that are must for getting the approval.

A good title tag, keywords, image altr tags are very important and you can’t skip this things. Before submitting on google you must need to ad them all.


I personally recommend this. Google gives priority to those website who have this SSL. Its means that your website is completely safe for users and don’t have any spam things or malware on it.

If you add the SSL on your website then your chance become more higher then others to get the approval. You might be thinking that SSL is out of your budget then I have a good news for you. You can set up This for free. For this you just need to open a account on They will give you an options for adding SSL on your website without paying any charge.