Everyone in this world want to look slim and smart. That’s why how to lose weight or how to lose weight fast are big questions in these days. Now a days, Obesity is a very big issue among the people in European countries. The main reason reason behind is the food habit and the life style of them.

This is now also becoming a big problem in Asian countries too. This is because of our unhealthy lifestyle. This obesity problem is growing day by day.

We all knows that we can control this by leading a healthy food life and also by doing workout. The problem is most of us don’t have time for this.

We all want to free from this obesity but don’t have time for this. There are few things that also help us to remove this and also don’t take so much time or energy for this. One of this is the bed time drink that you can make with two simple ingredients.

This two simple ingredients are honey and cinnamon.For making this magical drink you need 250 ml water, one table spoon cinnamon powder and two table spoon honey. You just have to boil the water with cinnamon powder and then make it a little bit cool and add the honey.

That’s it your magical bed time drink is ready.