This is a goldfish named bob. He is 15 years old and a pet of a British family. He is with them for about 15 years and becomes a family member like their children. Before a month the fish bob is not looking okay like, he is not taking his food and become very calm. But he is not this type, He loves to move from here to there all time but the family notice that something is not okay with him.

After that, they notice a lump on their bob’s fin and when they take him to a vet the result is shocking. Bob is suffering from the tumor. Dr. Faye Bethell is a well-known vet and he told the family that their bob will die very soon for this tumor. But the family don’t want to lose bob from their life and they asked the doctor for help.

The doctor told him the way is to remove the tumor from his fin and this will cost around $450. They family agree on this and they have done this on that same day.

This surgery takes 30 minutes and the vet performs it very carefully with micro-surgical equipment. And now Bob is completely out of danger.