Hair fall is a very basic problem of every people. People use to face it after 30 but some people have this from a very teen age. Don’t worry because i have solution for you by using this you can stop your problem and also will able to grow hair again.

For this you don’t even need to buy expensive products, you will find all the products from your kitchen. You just need to make the mixture and use it.

Do not make to much mixture at once and also don’t save for using later. You need to make it fresh and then apply for getting perfect result. You should also use good shampoo for your hair. This thing will help you more for growing hair properly.

Garlic and coconut oil:

Take some garlic and blend it, then take 2 spoons of coconut oil over the garlic. Then wait 2 min to mix it properly. Then massage you scalp with this mixture for 30 min. Then wash it by cool water.

Egg and olive oil:

Firstly, take an egg and crack it in a small bowl. Add one spoon of olive oil to the egg mix. Apply this egg olive oil over your scalp and hair properly. wait 15 to 20 min. Then wash your hair with shampoo and light warm water.

Onion, aloe vera gel, olive oil:

Chop an onion vertically and take this on a bowl. Then add tea table spoon of aloe vera gel and one tea table spoon of olive oil on it. Then apply this mixture on your scalp and wait 30 min. Then wash it by mild shampoo.

See this video for prepare all this things very easily.