If you like to straighten your hair permanently without any salon treatment then you just came at the right place. Salon treatments are not only expensive but also don’t give any permanent result. Treatments like keratin or something similar also don’t last for too long. This treatments also put a very bad impact on your hair growth.

Ingredient: Pure white organic butter

This butter is also known as SHEA BUTTER, Its a NATURAL MOISTURIZER which helps to moisturize your hair from inside. Its also help to control your hair fall issue.

Using Process:

You need to wash your hair properly so that there will be no dirt on your hair or scalp.

Then comb your hair and iron it or blow dry it. If you will iron it then the result will be more better.

Then apply the butter on a little amount of hair at a time. Apply it from root to end.

Then cover your hair with shower cap or old towel and leave it for at last 30 min. Then wash your hair properly.

You can try this remedy at home for getting straight hair, it also don’t have any bad impact on your hair. After trying this one make sure that you apply oil regularly and also use conditioner after using shampoo.