Sometimes our hair doesn’t grow properly or even have many other problems like hair fall, dandruff or broken hair. Most of tried different things for fixing this problems but none of the problem can fix all of our problems.

Neem oil is a magical oil that fix all of your hair issues and and give your hair a extra ordinary growth power. If you use this hair regularly for 1 month, it will fix all of your hair issue and you will get 4 to 5 inches more longer hair then before.

Ingredients: Pure coconut oil and Neem leaves


Take fresh neem leaves and blend it properly. Then take a bowl and mix coconut oil (250 ml) with neem leave paste (50ml).

Put that bowl on a double boiler and boil it for at last 10 to 15 minutes or until the oil looks something like the given below picture.

When the color becomes dark green, let it to be cool and strain it and keep it on a jar.

During this process you should only use mild or natural shampoo for better result.