Babies are the gift in our life. They bring a lot of joys and happiness in our life and we want to all the things that our baby needs. And none of us want to do any mistake in this. But sometimes our life becomes the worst things to us for some nasty bad headed person around us, Who pretend to be very gentle but very harmful for our babies. And this nightmare happens to an American family.

Have a close look at this baby boy, He was beaten by his own babysitter. My question is why people needs a babysitter, The answer is pretty simple, To keep their babies safe when they are not around. But in this case, things get worst then ever.

Joshua Marbury and Alice Quinn are the parents of this baby. They are very busy American couple and have a 2 years old baby boy. As they both are working parents so they hire a babysitter for taking care of their baby. But one day the nightmare come to this family. They babysitter the hired, She beat their baby boy and leave the home. On that time the baby was alone in that home. When his parents come they found their baby crying.
After this, they take their baby in police-station and also filed an application to the court against the babysitter.