Getting in a relationship or started dating with someone really doesn’t mean that you have find out the love of your life. You might think that the man or woman you are dating is your true love but the fact is, most of the people don’t find their true love easily.

You don’t found your true love because you don’t look for it properly. You only try to found love only on those whom you feel interested but not in other people.

You might don’t know that but their are some people around you who are pretty much interested in you but can’t express their feeling to you. But you can understand it very easily.

If you just get a little bit hint about it then you just need to follow two things of them. The number one is, when they will talk to you, they will not keep eyes on you and will feel nervous then other time.

The other thing is, they will care a bit more then other and if they seen you from sometime, they will ask to others about you or even will text you.

When you will to adjust on every condition with your partner, you really can’t find love of your life. The reason behind this, when you will try to adjust, you will not realize the inner fact of your partner and this think will not let you be happy.

Always keep in mind that when you will try to do adjustment in everything with your partner, its means that you both are completely different type and can’t live together. Its a clear sign that your partner is not your true love.

If you are having this kind of issue with your partner then you should end the relationship with your partner. You relationship will be more toxic if you continue this.