Einstein passed away in Princeton on April 18, 1955. Before his death Einstein asked not to conduct research on any part of his body. He wanted his body to be cremated and ashes scattered secretly but this thing never happened.

A pathologist name Thomas Harvey was called to examine his body after his death. He stole Einstein’s brain secretly and took it to University of Pennsylvania. He also divided it up into pieces for himself and others for several pathologists of that university.

The brain is kept in formaldehyde solution. Harvey photographed the brain from every angle before he kept it in solution. When he died in 2007, his family cleared out his possessions.

The photographs and the parts of the brain he had stored in the basement of his home were donated to the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Springs, Maryland. He and the other pathologists did this for making a paper on their findings about the brain but no such thing happen and the reason behind this is unknown.

Pathologist Thomas Harvey (1912 – 2007) holds the brain of theoretical physicist Albert Einstein in a jar, Kansas, 1994. Harvey performed the autopsy on Einstein in 1955, and retained parts of the brain for scientific study. Photo by Michael Brennan/Getty Images.

Reporter Steven Levy was assigned to find Einstein’s brain in 1978 and when he tracking down Dr. Harvey and asked him for the photos, Harvey pulled several mason jars from a box containing the famous brain not the photos.