Freelancing is not something like you can start anytime. Its also not like other 9 to 5 jobs. Freelancing is a complete different term and concept. Most of the people who wanted to be freelancer, they don’t even know how this whole freelancing system works or what they really need to do. This is the main reason behind their failure.

In October 2013, I was started my career as a freelancer and as like other freelancers, I was looking for a short way to start earning. After a month, I understand the whole process. I actually realized that I was so much wrong. There is no such short ways for starting this. I also realized that what i have to follow for starting my career as a freelancer.

There is a complete list of things that you need for getting started with this –

  • A good quality professional photo ( Smiling face will be more better )
  • A professional title that can describe your whole qualification
  • An error free overview that will describe your skills and working process.
  • Personal portfolios, If you have a portfolio website then it will be more better.
  • A work or business email.

If you have all of this ready then you are also ready to getting started. Now you need to choose a market place for opening your freelancing profile. There are different types of market places in the the freelancing world but their are very few of them like,, people like to start working. I also recommend that.

Once you choose the market then you need to do a very important thing. You need to study the whole system of them like how client hire there or what kind of jobs are available or how they made their payment. When you will clear about all the things then you can create your profile and start working.

Some of the market place like might don’t accept your profile at the very basic stage but you follow all the rule that i have explained before then you will get approved. You can also read my another article on this issue ( upwork rejection ) on this link – WHY UPWORK IS REJECTING YOUR PROFILE?

Don’t go with more then two market place with once. I personally recommend you to choose only one. This will help to you to be more focused on your goal and its also help you to keep your work life on track. If you still wish to go with two then its completely your own choice. Most of the people who have a successful freelancing career they only choose one market place.

Be serious on very part of getting started. Lots of people daily tried here but only few reached at the goal. You also can be one of them if you try it properly. If you need any other help then you can also comment below, I will try to answer you as soon as i can.