Women cunningly trick guys for taking the situation under their control. They are simply resemble tender and fragile creatures who hide more power than anyone can imagine about. Sometimes they do something a a very creative way that men get confused about that. This photos are some example of their cleverness.

In this photo a girl is showing that her boyfriends mother proposed her with this very beautiful ring ( that she is currently holding with her finger ).

This is the main truth of this photo. The ring is not actually fits on her and this is the reason she is holding her like this. She want to know the whole world that she get a proposal but don’t want to share this part.

Look at this both photos, her body must not be summer ready but she really know the trick of taking photo from a sexy angle.

This photo clearly prove that how girls transform using makeup.

“My girlfriend numbered my condoms and told me she’ll perform weekly inventory audits.”

When you suddenly friend-zoned but still don’t know why?

This is happened every time when a girl started taking selfies.