Fish oil is a very great thing for your health. Its not only develop your eye sight but also improve other things if you have it daily. Its more better to have fatty fish’s for dinner or lunch but most of us prefer to have it delicately. Its also works but you should only buy those which are good in quality and price. Because most of the cheap product actually don’t have any health value.

Fish oil improve your blood circulation, its make your heart works more properly than previous if you have it daily. If you have it for a week, it will drop the level of bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. And this thing make the heart more healthier than ever.

Your immune system start improving and you will feel more active for all day long. Fish oil have omega 3 which make your body more stronger so that it can fight with any type of infections. For this reason, some countries make it a daily supplement.

You will feel much more active than other time during doing any work or exercise. If you start having it daily than you will able to perform your regular diet more perfectly because this one make you fill active and full all day long and you will also feel less hungry.

Fish oil don’t only improve you health but also improve your hair and skin. Its contain a lots of minerals and vitamins that gives you silky hair and smooth skin but for this you need to have it at last 4 times in a week.

If you are a women and want to increase your breast size than this fish oil is a perfect solution for you. Try it for a whole moth and your breast size will improve up to 1 inch.