If you really think that people do unusual things only now a days the you might check the history before commenting anything. If you check the history of past you will find that people use to do more weirder things than now. This actions were actually legal on that time.

1.Cocaine Treatment

People didn’t treat cocaine as harmful before 100 years. Its very easily available on drug stores and anyone can buy them. Cocaine was used to heal coughs and toothache on that time.

2.Outdoor baby cages

Wire cages for babies were very common among British families in 1930s. Its legal to keep babies on that cages when their mom will be busy in household works. They think that its a great thing for babies because they can take fresh air form this.

3.Doubtful treatment methods

There are so many doubtful treatment methods is past like bloodletting , tongue cutting, lobotomy and electric shock treatment. This treatments used by most successful doctors of that time. Sometimes patients even die for this but it’s completely legal.

4. Body parts collection

Collecting human body parts as trophies is a very common hobby of past days. Reputable gentlemen had their own pathoanatomical rooms at home for collecting this all body parts.

5.Human Zoos

Human zoos are build for showing “proof” of Darwin’s theory. They used to show people from Asia and Africa. In the picture, you can see a Belgiam human zoo in 1958.