When you fall in love, you whole life changes and there are lots of strange things happens with you. This strange things may seems very common to you on that time but after few months when you will think about it, you will get shocked from your habits.

When people fall in love, they becomes more active and find new ways to enjoy their life. People become more active then other time and they always feel fresh and love to do creative things.

They find new ways to spend their free times with their partners and laugh more often. They also start everyday with a very happy feeling and do everything with joy, even their office task or study.

Sometimes they even gain weight after getting into in a happy relationship. During that time, they feel like they have everything in their life and their life is so much perfect and they happiness increase the hormones. This fact sometimes cause more hunger then the previous time.

In some cases, people more often eat sweet things like chocolate, cake, ice cream, etc..

People often sleep less than other time when they are in love. They might feel tried but when they get into bed, they start dreaming about their partner with open eyes.

Sometimes they also think about other issue like what he or she will do to look good or what he or she gift to their partner or something similar.

People become more romantic when they fall in love. They like to watch movies about love or like to listen love songs. Some people often try to write poems about love. They also do other romantic activities for their partner.

Dutch studies have shown that romantic feelings suppress analytical thinking but develop creative thinking.