According to different statistics, a person with an average income drinks about 10 liters of alcohol per year. This is person is not an alcohol addicted, they have this causally with friends and family. A glass of wine is a needed thing after a long day. Did you ever think that what would happen to your body if you stop taking alcohol for a month.

In Week 1

People who have alcohol regularly eat more then those people who don’t have it. If you stop having alcohol then you might feel a little bit more hungry then your previous week because alcohol contain sugar and when you stop having it your sugar level will be lower then before. This is reason for more craving for food. During this time when you are changing your habit, you should try to have fruit juice if you feel so much craving.

In Week 2

When you have alcohol regularly, your liver cells die and scars appear in their place. Its a very bad thing for your health. When you stop having this, your liver started recovering on a very slower process.

Your digestive system also begins to improve then before. The reason is when you have alcohol, your digestive process works very slower.

In Week 3

When you drink alcohol daily, the chances of having cavities and your tooth enamel lose is very common. If you stop having it, your teeth also recover and the risk having cavities and your tooth enamel lose also decreases.

In Week 4

After stopping having alcohol, your body mass decreases dramatically. If you start doing a regular diet than the process will be more faster. Sometimes people failed to lose weight after doing diet or exercise and this is the reason behind this.