According to upwork, 10,000 freelancers regularly submit their profile to upwork. Yeah, you read it right!! 10k people daily tried to be a part of upwork. The competition might be tough but you can still be a part of their community. So the main thing is you have to know the proper details about upwork, proper means proper not like the basic information’s that everyone knows. If you really wanted to be a pro, you have to think like a pro.

Right now you are reading this blog because you wanted to be a freelancer and also already applied on upwork. You are here because they rejected your profile but you are none of them who really give up on hard condition. As I have already said the condition is tough but not impossible.

10k profiles daily submitted on upwork but the fact is, 1/3 of the profiles submitted by bots. Its not my guess, its claimed by different sources. The another 1/3 profile submitted by those people who don’t create profile seriously or just wanted to give try. For this 2/3 people upwork almost reject all the profile as a gatekeeping system.

So if you get rejected by them on first time, its not a big deal. You should try again but if you are one of those who rejected several time then you might don’t know how to submit profile properly. There are few things that you must needed for starting a upwork career. The very first one is a work email. A well written title,overview, photo, skill set, skill test, portfolios, education, certificate are the next on this line.

The email address you used on upwork for signing up is the very first thing that they notice about you. You should never use your personal email, you should only use your work email for this. This is the also the very first reason for rejection. They think that you are one of those who just like to give it a try not so much serious about your freelancing career. Right now if don’t have any work email then create your one today or if you already applied with your personal email then forget about that account and create new one with a work email. You can create your one with Google, Its also give you a free trial for 14 days.

Always use a professional photo and the title and overview should be error free. Try to keep it short but all of your skills should be properly explained. You should also mention about your work hours and other needed details like when you will not be available during the week. Set up all the skills on your skill set and also try to take tests of that skills on upwork. Its a great way to prove yourself to them.

Don’t underestimate your experience level, write your hourly rate according to it. Like if you are a expert level developer then your hourly rate should not be less then $50 but you are just starting your career then you should go with less then $20.

Don’t forget to add your portfolio and your educational background on your profile. If you also have other experiences then also add them. Now your profile is completely ready for submission.