This is Demetra Nyx. She is from Northern Pennsylvania. She is a California-based sex coach. She is a very passionate about helping other women’s. She want to break society’s stigma about menstruation.

She told BuzzFeed, “I’ve traveled the world by myself, attended four universities, and owned a yoga studio and a business teaching women how to lift weights online. Now, I’m a sex coach. Because sex is an area that is so shamed in our society, we tend to hold a lot of our emotions in that area – I always say that when I coach someone around their sex life, their entire life opens up.”

She born in a very conservative area and always feel shy and very
embarrassed about this part as a women.

“Like most women, I used to be embarrassed of my period – being paranoid that people would see a stain through my clothing, or that I would stain my boyfriend’s sheets. It felt like a disgusting and annoying thing my body did,” said Demetra.

However, From 2013, She started appreciating her body during her menstruation and started noticing her moods and patterns during that time and she found it normal like other days. She started falling in love with her body and also not feeling shy anymore about it. Than she decided to smear her period blood on her body and posted it in instagram.

“I have friends who paint with menstrual blood and give it back to the earth. I was considering other ways we could connect with it more deeply. In many ancient cultures, they believed menstrual blood was incredibly powerful. Also, many celebrities sometimes get blood facials – and menstrual blood in particular is full of stem cells and nutrients that are made to support a baby, so it is good for your skin.”

She also put it on her face and post that also.

“It feels silly, fun, and powerful to put my blood on my face – and to claim something that is often referred to as dirty and disgusting as clean and beautiful.”

Since she is doing this and also sharing it on social medias, She has experienced a lot of negativity from lots of people even from women’s.

Demetra said her goal is not to get every person who menstruates to put their blood on their face. She said, “If I take something many people find disgusting and I touch it and play with it, then maybe some little girl will see the blood between her legs and think, ‘Well, if Demetra puts it on her face, maybe this isn’t that gross after all.'”